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SED Wireless Successfully Delivered the First Batch of Spectrum Monitoring Stations

The first batch of GSM-R spectrum monitoring station of SED Wireless passed the leave-factory check and acceptance organized by the Radio Management Committee on Sep. 2014 in Hunan. The same year October, the devices has finished installation, debugging, interconnection and interworking after passing the tests of “Recognition Ability of GSM-R Interferences” implemented by National Radio Spectrum Management Institute in Changsha. The devices have also passed the preliminary inspection of the Radio Management Committee in Hunan.


GSM-R spectrum monitoring stations installed along the railway lines monitor the GSM-R frequency in real-time, find and locate the radio interferences to GSM-R networks. The successful delivery received the high praise of the customers, which establishes the brand image of SED Wireless in Radio Spectrum Monitoring industry in a higher stage.




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