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Procurement Department Heads of Deutsche Bahn Visited SED Wireless
The procurement department heads of Deutsche Bahn, Dr. Latz and Mr. Albert visited SED Wireless for supplier investigation on May 18, 2015. The general manager of SED Groups Mr. James Zhou, the president of SED Wireless Mr. David Wu, vise president Dr. Frank He, vise general manger Mr. Steve Kong attended the reception conference.

During the conference, Dr. Frank He introduced SED and retrospected the cooperation between SED and DB on behalf of SED Wireless, and then both sides exchanged opinions on the further cooperation. Dr. Latz indicated that SED Wireless has been the sole Chinese supplier of telecommunication products in DB so far. The rapid delivery and ultra low repair rate of SED have made a good impression for DB.

After the conference, Dr. Latz and Mr. Albert visited the whole company with the focuses on GSM-R laboratory, Smart City exhibition hall and manufacture factory. We believe that the customers will get a deeper understanding of SED Wireless by this investigation, which will become the solid foundation for the future cooperation.


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