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Chinese Company Firstly Becomes the Long-Term Supplier of 
GSM-R Wireless Handhelds for Deutsche Bahn
------- SED Wireless Wins EU Tender of DB

SED Wireless exclusively acquired the contract in the latest EU tender of DB on GSM-R handhelds with its advanced technology, reasonable price and best service. The duration of the contract will remain 4 years from the effective date of 1st Nov. 2015. SED becomes the exclusive supplier of GSM-R handhelds for DB according to the result of tender.

SED Wireless becomes the first exclusive Chinese supplier of GSM-R handhelds in the DB EU Tender. The tender has launched for six months since May 2015 including the process of short-listing, technical compliance, commercial quotation and tests. SED Wireless captured the top position in terms of commercial conditions, technology and tests against the competitors. It is the milestone for SED Wireless as well.

In May 2015 Dr. Torsten Latz, Senior Vice President of DB Procurement Infrastructure, and Mr. Holger Albert, Head of DB Procurement infrastructure Telecommunication, visited the headquarters of SED Wireless in Shenzhen including R&D division and factory. Mr. Dr. Latz commented, “SED Wireless is a reliable Chinese supplier. We are very satisfied by your fast delivery speed and low after-sales fault rate.” It took only 4 weeks for SED Wireless to accomplish the winter procurement process of DB including the delivery of 3,000 handhelds in 2013. This is the fastest delivery record in DB, which was reported by DB internal journal “DB WELT”, introducing SED Wireless as the first Chinese supplier of GSM-R handhelds.

Dr. Torsten Latz and Mr. Holger Albert visited the HQ of SED Wireless in Shenzhen

SED Wireless has close contact with the operating and maintenance staffs of DB through regular visits and technology workshops to understand the customization requests. According to the special requirements of the operating and maintenance department of DB regional, the new feature of Lone-Worker (WUPN) function was developed successfully in OPH, passing through strict tests, and was acknowledged by the customer by its innovation. 

Dr. Frank He, VP of SED Wireless, demonstrated to Mr. Becker, the Operating and Maintenance Head of DB Regional South Karlsruhe the new OPH and accessories

As the leading professional supplier of GSM-R terminals, SED Wireless will continuously provide good service with pursuit of excellent quality and client satisfaction in order to create added value for customers.


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