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GSM-R Handheld Terminal SED OPH-810R Passing MOR Technical Inspection
GSM-R specialists assembled by MOR Transport Bureau and Department of Science and Technology inspected SED GSM-R handset “OPH-810R”on April 17th, 2008. Specialists at the conference listened to the product development report, technology report, test report and user trail report. After the discussion, they deemed:
1. SED OPH-810R is a GSM-R dedicated terminal complied with the demands of railway market. Its successful development will forcefully support the growth of GSM-R in China.
2. The handset meets the IP54 standards and adopts the design of water-, dust- & shock-proof, power save technology, large capacity battery, etc. It has the ability to display clearly in direct sunshine and provides clear voice communication in noisy environment, etc;
3. Inspection, test, and field trail show that the functions and performance of this product meet the related technical standards;
4. SED Wireless independently develops GSM-R protocol stack and realizes the localization of GSM-R dedicated handheld terminals. The entire handset reaches the domestic advanced level;
5. SED Wireless sets up a rigorous system of product quality control and management, having the ability to produce and supply in large quantities. 
The specialists also pointed out that the achievement of SED OPH-810 is a milestone in the history of national GSM-R development. It is the first independently developed GSM-R handheld terminals realized base-band communication protocol stack, which indicates that China has achieved the international level on the development and production of GSM-R handheld terminals, filling the blank of domestic technology.


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