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  GSM-R Background

GSM-R communication technology was originated in Europe. At present, it has been applied commercially in many countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy. 
GSM-R standard is the result of over ten years’ collaboration among lots of European railway companies. The specifications of GSM-R system were set by MORANE in 2000 and it is maintained by the International Union of Railways project ERTMS.
GSM-R is built on GSM technology, which is developed specially for railway communication. It is a secure platform for voice and data communication among railway operational staff, including drivers, dispatchers, shunting team members, train engineers, station controllers and so on.
GSM-R is a digital clustered system, which can provide the functions of wireless train dispatch, shunting operation communication, emergency communication, maintenance communication, etc. The performance can be guaranteed at a speed up to 500km/h by GSM-R system which is based on GSM and EIRENE - MORANE specifications.


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